He asked “Will you”?

While I was talking to my heavenly Father this morning! I asked Him to give a wonderful and peaceful day ahead, Suddenly He said: “Will you be wonderful and be at peace with Me and all the people you are going to meet today?”

So I decided ok let’s give a try. Till now with much difficulty all going good, some instances I slipped slightly but, huh! Sorry.

Half of the day gone, and I stumbled on the instruction once again, “excuse me dear”, you have to be wonderful to all those who seem irritating and pinching and be peaceful in the situations which are not sorted and aligned the way you want them to be.

Oh Great! Sounds Tough!

This was really giving me a slight peeking into my – self. I am not a sorted, perfectly amazing person, but until this moment, God has been so wonderful to me. My behavior even towards Him was many times irritating, guilty, regretful, asking for forgiveness for the same stuff the zillionth time and He remained so kind, patient and was at peace with me always. That’s why He asked me to try this for a day! OMG!

Now, You know I am really enjoying this Journey with my Father, sometimes He is bit humorous and teaches things in the funniest way possible!

Ephesians 5:1
be imitators of God, therefore, as beloved children,

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  1. Very true and a great experience to serve the Lord in another way and understand how to follow Him. God Bless chechi!


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