Before you flip over to the next chapter!

I am currently reading ,” What on Earth I am here for” by Rick Warren. It was a startling line in the intro page that caught my attention – here the author says “this book is divided into 40 chapters (plus two bonus chapters). I strongly urge you to read only one chapter a day, so you will have time to think about the implication for your life”.

Then realized that these lines are strongly relatable to our life. Our life in a way is like a book, divided into some countable number of chapters. Everyday is a chapter!hence, we should start it well, read with full concentration, learn out of it and do it well before flipping over to the next chapter.

Before ending your chapter, it’s important to acknowledge and accept the concepts you read. Whatever you learned and understood should be productive and should add some value to your next chapters.

This morning in my flash prayer the conversation I had with God was “Lord could you please hold this whole book in your hand. I will read, understand and learn but please keep an eye on me that what all am I understanding from today’s chapter. If I am missing or skipping any line or paragraph. If I misunderstand anything then please correct me.

Try the following simple five-step process to have a good read & understanding of this book!

  1. In the morning, start by closing your eyes, kneeling down by the side of your bed and thanking your heavenly father for granting this chapter, for giving wisdom and understanding to read through and understand the concepts.
  2. During the day, be sincere in your study, read carefully through the lines, concentrate on everything which is sensible.
  3. Keep a progress journal – check it at each milestone to access your progress
  4. You will definitely come across topics like fear, anxiety, toxic relations, rejections, sufferings and many, but don’t forget your book is in your Heavenly Father’s hand, he will coach you how to understand all that.
  5. Maintain your momentum and stay focused on this study with your Father.

Happy Reading Guys! 

I hope you enjoyed these ideas, and if you have any suggestions or want to share with others your thoughts on this Book. Please leave a comment below!

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  1. True , There are some phases where he is just testing your patience, once you passed then time change like blinking eye 😊 God Bless


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