Not a tale, Not a fairy-tale!

Not a tale, Not a fairy-tale!

It’s life, truly it’s a life

Now it came to pass in the days

When the days were glittery and nights were pitch dark

Born as a princess to one sweet couple

As for them, I was the only important in their life!


Stepped into this world,

A stage with many performers

competing for a gaze and an applause

I got a crown and a fancy title

Little I knew it was at a huge price

My dignity and my identity.


It was not a cakewalk, it was a catwalk

Always instructed, commanded and compared

Sing, Dance, Cook, Learn, Work, Earn

Only one rule – Do all to prove all

the moment you lose, you are dethroned

As for the world I am just one of the important possession!


I want to run back to that union

To be Born Again in love, in that priceless love!

To be in the arms of love and grace

Not just a lifetime, but for eternity

My Father, Oh my Heavenly Father!

I yearn to be with you again!

Thoughts from Esther – Chapter 1 and my Life!

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