Oh, Dreamer Oh, Dreamer!

Oh, Dreamer Oh, Dreamer!

Bundle of joy of the old lovers

favorite of your father

adorned with the tunic of many colors,

colors which caused the great feud.


Oh, Dreamer Oh, Dreamer!

Blessed were your dreams

dreams of sheaves and celestial beings,

which made evident that you will reign.

Indeed you will have dominion over them.


Oh, Dreamer Oh, Dreamer!

Yes, your father rebuked you

but, he kept the matter in his mind.

Oh Yes, your brothers envied you

they took the matter into their own hands.


Oh, Dreamer Oh, Dreamer!

As you were seeking your brothers

they conspired against you,

to kill you and erase the dreams thereof

but, forgot they were also living in those dreams.


Oh, Dreamer Oh, Dreamer!

They stripped off your tunic, the tunic of many colors,

the empty pit, slavery, and dungeon

nothing loosened the firm binding of your dreams.

You endured as seeing Him who is invisible


Oh, Dreamer Oh, Dreamer!

separated from your father

You lived not for the dream, but for the dream giver

Though your dreams were not yet visible

But, the truth of the invisible dream – giver never faded!



“JOSEPH HAD A DREAM”, but perhaps we could more accurately say that the




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