Mindful Dish-washing!

In the lock-down hopefully we all are sharing the household chores at our homes. This time I committed myself to take up the hardest task which is doing the dishes. Doing it every day or to be more precise 24/7, little exaggeration but trust me it is never-ending because when you think you’re done, dishes magically reappear in the sink.

There was also a selfish side to take up this challenge.

Recently I read an article “Washing the dishes can be therapeutic”. Washing dishes can significantly lower your stress level-if you do it mindfully, according to a study conducted by Researchers at Florida State University in Tallahassee. This study says, while washing the dishes one should be completely aware of the fact that one is washing the dishes. No music, no yelling, talking or any such distractions.  Smell the soap, feel the water, feel the dishes, and see the cleansing.

Anyways, the way we get motivated to become an overnight YouTube sensation with viral videos after watching a trending video, I geared up for the task, prime motive to relieve my stress and calm my nerves.

I started doing the dishes concentrating fully on the task and very much aware of the fact that why on Earth we use these many dishes!

The water was tingling my palms as it ran over them, the soft foam hugging my hands and the dish, the feel and smell of a freshly cleaned plate was truly relaxing. I felt really good and the whole process was indeed therapeutic till the time I was playing with the plates and glasses. Bigger utensils are a different story altogether, so I planned to stop this meditation.

This episode didn’t change my feeling of dish-washing at all but certainly gave some clarity on few other things. Though we can provide our brain a momentarily relaxation, therapy or whatever fancy word one may use. We can trick our brain showing it some water and soap cleansing the dirt off the dishes, but with life it does not work in the same way.

In this unprecedented times or life in general: when we face awful situations, we cry out our hearts to our God, whole night wet our pillows with the tears, yet the morning seems the same. Ask Him to just take us out somehow from the situation, but we find ourselves stuck at the same place. Day in and day out, you feel like you’re flinging your supplications up to God only to have them fall back down on your bowed head. Unanswered. Unheard. At least, that’s how it seems. Nothing has changed. Or maybe things have gotten worse. Against your better judgment, you find yourself questioning God.

If we look at the bigger picture which is impossible in a particular moment for any person on this Earth, but one day we will surely see the finished masterpiece. Then we will realize that we were asking God painkillers for our deeper problems and when were looking for the painkillers, God was conducting major surgeries on us to remove something dreadful which was becoming fatal for our life!

Jesus Said: John 13:7 – You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand’

One day we will look up, smile and say “Now I know that was you God! Thank you”

Lord, thank you that I can be honest with you when I pray and pour out my heart to you. Thank you that even if we do not understand some mysteries in this life, we can trust you and know that you always have a reason.

God Bless You all!

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4 thoughts on “Mindful Dish-washing!

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  1. Washing dishes is a never ending task in the kitchen.But today I get to have a new insight about it 🙂
    God cleanses us in and out patiently, provided we submit into His hands(the sink).


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