In life through Faith

It is that time of the year again, the wedding season, especially in north India. When I see the beautiful pictures of bride and groom online, it reminds me of my own wedding day. I remember the decision of marrying this person was not in the spur of the moment. It involved deep research, analysis,... Continue Reading →

Sound of the Rain!

Today the rain sounds similar, To the one I heard long back It fell heavily and easily, With no meaning or intention Still, I love the sound of the rain Sound of a billion drops Falling together with one accord Inside the walls am dry and warm, But the sound makes me feel soaked Still,... Continue Reading →


Hopelessness, its flag has been flying at full mast for some time. Dancing to the tune of life’s merciless music. Like everyone I have been messaging many people to BE STRONG but with trembling hands and for few I was not strong enough to say to BE STRONG! Last few nights after recovering from COVID,... Continue Reading →

Mindful Dish-washing!

In the lock-down hopefully we all are sharing the household chores at our homes. This time I committed myself to take up the hardest task which is doing the dishes. Doing it every day or to be more precise 24/7, little exaggeration but trust me it is never-ending because when you think you’re done, dishes... Continue Reading →


( Genesis 1 : 1 - 3 - In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.) (Mark 2: 14  –  As he walked along, he saw Levi son of Alphaeus... Continue Reading →

A journey deep inside

I was asked to be inside they said it is to be alive For me, it is to find the life I lost outside, long before   In the quest to find that life I kept moving deep inside till I reached an abandoned room with ignorance, it was kept locked   my curiosity knocked... Continue Reading →

Safe In His arms!

Eyes open and chaos outside, It's your heartbeat which calms me down. When all that out create confusion A look of yours gives me crystal clarity.   In your embrace, you gather me, from the scattered me to one! for you only Love is just not a word anymore It has got a shape and... Continue Reading →

The Burning Bush!

In the wilderness of my life He takes me to His mountain top, With loving-kindness and tender mercies. To witness the holy sight, the great sight of that burning bush!   Oh, He came down to deliver me He came in to make me like Him. Poured blood from His heart to cleanse mine. His... Continue Reading →

Oh, Dreamer Oh, Dreamer!

Oh, Dreamer Oh, Dreamer! Bundle of joy of the old lovers favorite of your father adorned with the tunic of many colors, colors which caused the great feud.   Oh, Dreamer Oh, Dreamer! Blessed were your dreams dreams of sheaves and celestial beings, which made evident that you will reign. Indeed you will have dominion... Continue Reading →

An Answer to prayer!

I went with an unsettled mind Knelt down by the well of that living water. To drink a little water of loving kindness, to heal my troubled soul and heavy heart. Before I had done speaking in mine heart the answer appeared with that sign, That sign of inner whisper and feel of assurance It... Continue Reading →

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