The Little Girl & Her Pillow!

Your pillow knows your story better than anyone else would, it has absorbedall your tears of sorrow that you have cried to make yourself sleep on thosehardest nights of your life_ Riyaa A few days back I came across this quote and since then I was strolling back in time to know when this mysterious... Continue Reading →


If you remember my last post, it was about the man at the pool of Bethsaida. To my utter surprise I am still stuck at this pool, staring at this man. (what else to do, we all are in this lock-down right! 🤪) I want to ask him; Dear Uncle, What were you thinking while... Continue Reading →

Freedom! By the grace of GOD!

I wanted the freedom, I wanted to be free! Free to forgive and to forget faults Free from anger and anguish Free to hug and embrace reality Free to lose and let it go I wanted the freedom, I wanted to be free! Free to hold hands and walk a little farther Free to appreciate... Continue Reading →

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