The Little Girl & Her Pillow!

Your pillow knows your story better than anyone else would, it has absorbed
all your tears of sorrow that you have cried to make yourself sleep on those
hardest nights of your life_ Riyaa

A few days back I came across this quote and since then I was strolling back in time to know when this mysterious relation with my pillow started in my life. As I reached that memory lane, I saw this little “Me” sitting in the soil and trying to ignore my grandfather’s shouting (to stop playing in the soil🤨). I know he was walking towards me, but I was not liking his authoritative baritone at that time, that was the sole reason why I was plainly ignoring him. He decided to punish my organ which insulted his voice and started twisting my tiny monkey ears (as everyone called it😏) little did he know, it was not it’s fault but the real culprit was my highest faculty-the brain🙄. Maybe because he was not giving any logical explanation that why I should not play in the soil. I was instructed to go inside and never to be seen in the garden again.

Oh yeah an important note: I really don’t like the word “NEVER” . This always seems to be a negative word, as if closing all possibilities, erasing all hopes. It’s like death!

I rushed inside the house frustrated and sobbing, went straight to my bed, took my pillow dragged it to one corner of the room, and lay on it. Years after as I watch this scene in my memory, I feel sad but also getting some clarity on the whole situation that the little “I” was not praying for an answer or a way to escape from the situation. Those thoughts were not in her evolving mind at that time. She was just seeking comfort, warmth, strength, calmness and may be assurance.

It was one of the bitter-sweet memories of my early childhood. This unknown, unnamed, non-living companion remained with me always. Now my “self” and sorrows have outgrown the size of my pillows, that might be the reason I have increased the number of pillows I sleep with.

When life hits us hard, more than the head it’s the mind & heart that need a soft comforter. Very early in life my grandmother (whose voice I always liked 😍😘) introduced me to the place where I can rest my mind and heart “The word of God – The Bible”. Like she practised and taught me, most of the times I am not looking for any answer or solution. I seek comfort, strength, warmth, and that divine calmness and it’s eternally guaranteed there.

God Bless You All!

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